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Anastasia Kurakina
  • Type: Painting
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: 68 cm x 49 cm
Anastasia Kurakina

Anastasia Kurakina

Russia (1987-)

As an artist, Anastasia Kurakina (b. 1987, lives and works in London) nurtures a great fondness for people. The streets of her hometown London with its diverse, often very creatively dressed population are therefore a constant source of inspiration. She is particularly fascinated by people who radiate a kind of suffering and are not too perfect. Intrigued by the complex psychology of each individual, Kurakina repeatedly tries to capture those characteristics that define our uniqueness. Through the eyes, she tries to capture the soul and inner struggle of each person portrayed, but small details and emotional reactions also contribute to the image. For colours, too, she is intuitively guided by her model's state of mind. With her direct, soft watercolour works on paper, Anastasia Kurakina makes visible a human essence that remains invisible through a photograph or mirror image.