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Our story

The beginning

After selling Luxury Leads to Mediafin in April 2022, the most frequently asked question was, "What will you do next? What is your next project?". In all honesty, I always had to remain guilty of the answer. I had absolutely no idea what direction it would take. What I did know was that I wanted to respect the classic one-year 'sabbatical' to come into fold and make more time for family, friends and do some travelling. Good intentions that were soon flouted.

Lindström's daughter

At the end of February 2023, after a three-day trip in Paris, everything suddenly became very clear, unconsciously my passion for art was further ignited with a visit to the 72-year-old daughter of one of my favorite (already deceased) Swedish artist, Bengt Lindström. We discovered an early work of Bengt Lindström in a gallery in Paris by walking by the gallery window. We felt immediately in love with the work and wanted to buy it. Because we wanted to make sure the work was authentic, we needed to have more information. There was only one problem, it was Friday evening and nobody was available to provide us with more information about the authenticity. 

After a short night of sleep, I discovered the number of Marianna Lindström, the daughter of Bengt Lindström. The same morning we called her and we were totally unexpectedly invited by his daughter in his former house and atelier. Marianna and her children still live at the outskirts of Paris, in the castle Lindström use to live and work in the 60's. 

What a wonderful encouter it was. She confirmed the painting was authentic and once belonged to her. The next step was driving back to Paris to confirm our purchase. "Le protecteur" is now in our private collection and we enjoy the artwork everyday.

"'Birds of a feather flock together.'"Once said, in good company, by a friend from New York, Mister Scaturro

This encounter with Marianna Lindström and Lindströms best friends, together with numerous visits to art fairs and passionate talks with gallerists awoke the spark.

From then on, the mind began to mature to start a gallery. Not the classic gallery you find on the streets, but a gallery literally 'in our home'. A place to discover art in all intimacy and meet like-minded friends over a drink. 'Private Walls Gallery' was born. All this would have been unthinkable without the support of my wife Ambre. 

I hope you enjoy our new adventure and we are pleased to welcome you at our gallery.

Michael Deroose
Owner Private Walls Gallery