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Giulia H

Giulia H

Belgium (1970-)

Graceful, feminine sculptures

Layer by layer, Giulia Binnici (°1970, lives and works in Liège) builds up her elegant sculptures. In her search for a way to avoid using the kiln, she developed her own technique. 'Thanks to the mixture of raw materials, including marble powder, the material dries and hardens on its own. If it does not, I add another layer. Afterwards, I sand the surface smooth. As one layer shimmers through the other, the sculpture takes on a stone-like appearance,' says Giulia Binnici.

'Moreover, that process makes the sculpture very robust. At the same time, the material retains a certain suppleness, making the sculpture less fragile. Another advantage of the technique is that it makes it easier for me to make repairs. Some of my works are already 15 years old, and still in perfect condition. I also attach great importance to my creations lasting a lifetime. Sometimes I also work in bronze, which I have cast, but afterwards I patina myself.'
Because the sculptures do not have to go into the kiln, Giulia Binnici is not bound to any particular size. 'In terms of size, my sculptures vary between 45 and 90 centimetres. I usually work on a sculpture for about a month, as they have to dry in between each one. Although I can't work on more than one work at a time, as they emerge from my passion and imagination at the moment. That is also the reason why each one is unique, and - as the face slowly takes shape - I give them a different first name from days gone by each time. I don't succeed in creating the same thing twice. Copying does not fit the passion that sculpting requires.'

Amusing details
The Liege-based artist finds inspiration in the women she meets on the street, and in African and Asian masks. 'A more pronounced nose, face or mouth can catch my attention, as can a special hairstyle or refined jewellery. This ties in with my previous passion for jewellery and horology, and my fascination with 18th-century hairstyles. The fact that women dress up more and I can play more with these kinds of amusing details makes them more interesting to me than a male portrait,' Binnici states.
With her elegant, mysterious figures, Giulia Binnici connects to the oeuvre of Amedeo Modigliani. 'His gracefully painted faces and refined figures make me dream. Although I also love the colour palette of Georges Braque, the hushed simplicity of Pierre Soulages or the balanced compositions of Pablo Picasso. Pierre Alechinsky's refined, formal compositions also challenge me to push my limits.'

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